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    Add: 5/F, Building 12, Hongfa Jiateli Industrial Park, Tangtou, Shiyan, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China/

          48, Xi’an Shangjie, Caoyi, Guzhen, Zhongshan, China. 

    Tel: +86-136-89501257


    Email: info@mxgledlight.com

    URL: www.mxgledlight.com

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    Have a problem? Don’t worry. We’ll cover it.

    Our warranties are simply unrivaled, ensuring it’s never a headache in the rare case that a MXG light needs servicing. Our industry-leading warranties, such as our 5-year warranty for the street light, guarantee each product we ship will live a long and happy life. What does having a non-prorated warranty mean? Simply put, for the entirety of the warranty you’ll receive full protection and will only incur labor cost if your MXG light needs servicing or replacing .

    Because MXG manufactures its products and sells direct, there are no middlemen when something goes wrong. That makes life stress-free for you, as you find the right person on the first call. And MXG's customer service is  by a team that works alongside the engineers who develop the products. The company’s network of certified technicians is always on standby, ensuring a quick and effective response. You just can’t beat that.

    Give us a call, kick up your feet and we’ll take care of the rest.


    a. Make sure that the manual instructions are provided to installers and users ;
    b. Please cut off the power while installation or reparations.
    c. Not installed properly may cause lighting fall down, please follow the instructions.
    d. Do not touch the light source while it is on.
    e. Replace any cracked protective cover; 
    f. Outdoor lighting fixtures only.

    Tools you need / Accessories
    Stripper : for stripping wire insulation
    Screwdriver - (3mm): used to connect the power cord
    Allen wrench(8mm) A / F - Connections and adjustments for lamps and mounting rod 

    Lighting installation
    1. Connect power cord : insert the power cord from the lamp body ,connect the cable through waterproof connector(connect L to L, N to N, E to grounding wire) , tighten waterproof connector screws discharge and pressure , the wiring is completed ;
    2 tightly cover, fastening buckle
    3 pole bracket adjustment , the fixture into the pole , tightening three set screws by hex wrench in sequence. 
    4. The luminaire can not be adjusted after installation.

    1 ) with the required two operations ;
    2) Under no circumstances , tighten the set screw torque must not be exceeded 16N.m prevent structural failure resulting in injury ;
    3 ) shall be preset at least 18AWG cables inside poles .

    Maintenance / replacement lamps
    In order to maintain the high efficiency of the lens hood should be cleaned regularly , the specific frequency should be based on local conditions. Need to use a mild soap or neutral, non- abrasive ingredients and does not contain chlorides or aromatic cleaning agent (PH value between 6-8 ) . Should be thoroughly cleaned with a soft cloth or brush when necessary. Need to use clean cold water, then wipe dry.
    If necessary, check and replace any damaged lens cover or seal.
    If you check discovered light is off, the flash or cycle to deal with faulty parts replaced. Separate order replacement parts, please contact the manufacturer for repair .

    Please note that a consistent source type , power and lighting product label and package insert .
    If the light just after the operation , use isopropyl alcohol to remove light on the fingerprint , oil and so on. Avoid these substances cause white spots and cause premature lamp failure. Use a clean cotton cloth or light carefully clean.

    Please contact us at 24 hours:

    Tel: 0085-136-8950-1257

    Email: info@mxgledlight.com



    Email: info@mxgledlight.com   URL: www.mxgledlight.com  Address: 5/F, Building 12, Hongfa Jiateli Industrial Park, Tangtou, Shiyan, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China

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