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    Add: 3/F, Building A, No.5 North Donganzhong Road, Cao'er, Guzhen, Zhongshan, China. 

    Tel: +86-136-89501257


    Email: info@mxgledlight.com

    URL: www.mxgledlight.com

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    Shenzhen Lumen Resources Co.,Ltd is a creators and designers of superior lightings.


    Located in Guzhen, capital of lighting, which have a completely supply chain of all lighting materials,  at here with our experienced team we can do a fast and precise sourcing of materials for customized product, and creating new products with innovation, quality engineering and competitive prices. 


    We make sure that our products can deliver quality,  all products are build with care and attention to the details, which is ultimately led by our design and technical knowledge, for over 10 years we have fused technology with our deep understanding of lighting design to create innovative products.



    We have successfully supplied lighting to the global market,  focus on the long term needs of our clients and products, no matter the situation, no matter the project, no matter the challenge--we are waiting to hear from you. Get in touch today and let’s talk lights.

    Email: info@mxgledlight.com   URL: www.mxgledlight.com  Address: 3/F, Building A, No.5 North Donganzhong Road, Cao'er, Guzhen, Zhongshan, China.

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